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Private Transport

We are responsible for your safety. We will keep the 20 years of trust you have placed in us and the privacy of your destination.


Diverse Destinations

We will travel with you according to your interest and need. Experience our packages designed to cover all tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.


Comfortable Vehicles

Traveling in our vehicles with all the comforts, you will not feel any fatigue. Being state-of-the-art, we can confidently say that the technical faults during the journey are very minimal.


Lowest Rates

We have the lowest charges in Sri Lanka's tourism industry. Join us and enjoy with your loved ones at competitive rates that you can afford.

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We are proud of the trust you have placed in Sonal Travels and Tours since 2003 till today. We are very fortunate to have won the trust of not only Sri Lankans, but also thousands of foreign tourists and become your travel partner. We are the proud owners of a long journey of 20 years, having earned a name in the tourism industry. We have reliable drivers and their experience and efficiency ensure your safety. Sonal Travels and Tours committed to providing the best types of vehicles that we have for the comfort of your journey. We have also made it possible for you to choose vehicles according to your needs and wishes.

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Our Services

We are the most trusted travel partner in Sri Lanka. Your trust is our strength.

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The Best Cab Service In Sri Lanka

With 20 years of experience, we are proud to say that our cab service is the best and most reliable company in Negombo. We have tailored our service to suit any of your journeys with a minimal charge.

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  • 10+ Destinations
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The Best Travel Places In Sri Lanka

Having earned a name in the tourism industry, you should not hesitate to choose us as your travel partner. Our experienced drivers as well as comfortable vehicles will increase the value of your tour.